Mum’s genius homeschooling plan tricks her kids into doing all the chores

Mum’s genius homeschooling plan tricks her kids into doing all the chores

A mum has created a brilliant homeschooling plan that many parents will be able to follow while everyone is staying at home.

With all the schools closing and many jobs allowing their employees to work from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, parents have to deal with homeschooling.

So mum Vicki Watmough has found a way to masquerade chores around the house as school lessons.

Instead of science, her children will get to learn the very exciting thing that happens when you apply washing up liquid to grease.

And for P.E, they’ll have to run laps around the house, throwing out all the rubbish.

After she shared it on her Facebook, other parents found the schedule hilarious and vowed they’d be trying it out too.

Judging by the routine, it seems her schedule is for primary school children.

If only we could find a way to get teenagers to do their part too.

She wrote on the post that the day’s teaching will begin with home economics in which the students will have to make a cup of coffee.

At 10 am the mechanical engineering lesson begins where students will have to assemble and operate a Shark hoover.

This is followed by P.E and after lunch, chemistry where pupils will learn how to bleach the loo.

The next class is geography where they will have to locate where different misplaced items in the home belong and then put it back.

The last class is science (i.e washing up time).

To end the day is an after school class where you ‘go to your room on your iPad and be quiet’.

A brilliant day of learning.

Of course, other parents are on board.

One person wrote on the post: ‘I’ve found the perfect plan for the boys!’ while another chimed: ‘There you go home school plan for the week’.

One parent had their own idea for a class: ‘Go and stand outside the front door while I sit inside. Fire drill’.

One commenter wrote that the children would pr