Couple with 53-year age gap start a TikTok channel where all they do is snog

Couple with 53-year age gap start a TikTok channel where all they do is snog

Just before he turned 18 years old, Gary Hardwick met 71-year-old grandmother Alameda.

The couple, with a 53-year age gap, met at Alemda’s son’s funeral. Two weeks later, they were married.

Gary, now 21, and Almeda, 74, from Tennessee have now been together three years and their love is as strong as ever.

Now that they are isolating as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Gary and Almeda have a lot of time on their hands.

So, like many of us, they have joined TikTok.

They also have their own account where all their content is just the two of them kissing.

The posts have helped them rack up 15,000 followers and their videos have been liked more than 100,000 times.

Before she met Gary, Almeda was in a 43-year relationship with her ex-husband who passed away after health complications.

When she lost her son Robert some years later, she didn’t expect to find love so quickly.

Gary, who has a thing for older women, had attended the funeral after breaking up with his ex, a 77-year-old woman.

He realised he liked older women after crushing on his teacher aged eight.

The couple felt a spark when they spoke while Gary passed on his condolences.

After Almeda asked whether it’s crazy she felt something, he reassured her ‘age is just a number’. And thus began their whirlwind journey.

The couple has also been famous for a while, before their TikTok days.

They appeared on Loose Women two years ago and gushed about their healthy sex lives.

They revealed that they first had sex on their wedding night, at which point Gary was 18.

When asked what attracted him to her, Gary said: ‘Everything about her from her beautiful eyes but mainly her personality – her personality has always been amazing.’

When host Andrea McLean asked his bride about their first meeting she said she was instantly attracted to Gary: ‘His personality, we get along very well,’ she said gazing at him. ‘His eyes just captured my heart.’

The couple, who also host a Youtube channel, had a message for their critics who had negative things to say about their relationship.

‘I would say we have found happiness,’ Gary said. ‘We want to let people know that they too have someone regardless of their age, same-sex relationship and inter-racial relationships.

‘Let us have our happiness and find your own way of happiness.’